Hi Weatherley,

Hope this email finds your healthy and happy with your new position as the Founding Director at Woof River Animal Rescue. Our family and Coal would like to congratulate you on your new endeavor.
We love and adore our newest family member, Coal. I have attached some updated photos of our fur baby, who now weighs in at 60lbs. He loves his family, taking walks, playing fetch, meeting up with his furry friends each morning at the park for his 1st walk and playtime of the day, chewing on his beef and bison bones, belly rubs and sleeping on our laps. He can not get enough of playing out in the rain and in the snow!!! Last summer we bought one of the those plastic round kiddie pools for him, and he loves playing in it on a hot summer day. He even likes when we take him for his vet visits…I think it because of the treats she gives him for being a good boy.
He knows how to sit, give paw, a high five and to lay down on command. Every one who meets him falls in love with him. He is gentle and loving to everyone. He so adores my husband, but still has enough love to share with myself and our daughters.
It is hard to believe that in March we had him for 1 year already. The photos attached are some that I used to get him a 1 year anniversary blanket made. Just curious…have you ever heard how any of Coal’s siblings that were adopted are doing?
Thank you so much for bringing Coal into our family, we just love him so much! We will continue to keep you updated.
Jan Racinowski