Hi Weatherley,

Jackson is doing great! He’s getting so big already, having put on over 20 lbs since his first vet trip a couple of weeks after we brought him home. Katie, our other dog, tolerates him most of the time and enjoys playing with him some of the time. He is relentless about trying her patience but she is good about correcting him just enough when she’s had it. He’s done with his puppy vaccinations and we will start taking him to the park to socialize since he hasn’t really had a chance to meet strangers or other dogs. I’ll also be making an appointment for his neuter surgery next week. He does really good about staying in the yard and in our line of sight when we’re outside, he’s doing better about letting us know when he needs to go out (he rings the bell on the door), and he’s cut way back on chewing things other than his toys. He still bites and mouths though, but that seems to be getting better little by little.