It’s only been a week ago yesterday that we picked up our guy; he is the very best, smartest puppy I’ve ever seen.  Except for a couple of pee accidents, cause his Dad didn’t take him out immediately when he needed to go, he’s trained.  He responds to treat/rewards to come in after playing or potty.  He loves being out in the yard, and is really getting into nice walks.  He’s gone shopping, riding in the wagon like a big boy, and loves traveling in the truck, and even waits patiently and quietly while his Dad runs an errand.  Today we woke up to a couple inches of snow!  You guessed it, he loved playing in it.  He loves his bed, and sleeps all night.  Everyone who sees him, or meets him thinks he’s just beautiful,and extremely well behaved and friendly.  We give YOU and Woof River all the credit.  We know you only had him for a few weeks,but it had a huge positive effect that we can’t thank you enough for again.  So happy to see that Daniel and his litter mates where all adopted too.  Take care for now, will keep in touch.

Sincerely, Charlene